Hello, World

Hello, world (BASIC)

The canonical hello world

I’ve long wanted to write about all sorts of things. Sometimes I have long (and I mean long!) discussions about things that later I want to reference, wikipedia-like, while arguing in heated discussions with friends. Other times I just want to record something important, inspiring, or intriguing and let the world know.

I hemmed and hawed about starting a blog. I registered on tumblr and wordpress and thought about using G+. But a couple of things stopped me for years.

First, I found Facebook updates “almost good enough”. Most people would agree Facebook is poor for long-form interaction (and G+ is substantially better in this respect). But I rarely had the patience to write out longer texts anyway, so this didn’t bother me much. I found the pain bearable.

Second, I thought most people (most of my friends, I mean, of course) had the same opinions on most of the topics I felt were important. This, I am discovering again, is really – really! – not true on a wide range of topics. Turns out we all come from different places, and apparently, my viewpoints are pretty strange.

Obviously, though, something kicked me in the pants. And that thing is Quitting My (Cushy) Job and Becoming An Entrepreneur. I certainly want to write about and record my journey as a startup founder. So I have, finally, a Great Reason To Start A Blog.

But what to write about? Focusing on specific parts of your life works: I’ve seen many people separare the “personal” from the “technical”. But it’s hard work. Since I don’t want to make writing any harder then it is, I have instead decided to write about everything that I want to write about: Dancing, Technology, The Future, and Entrepreneurship.

I’ve also set a goal for myself: to write 2 posts a week. Here we go!

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